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This SaaS app was part of a much larger plan to role out recycling & refuse disposal centres regionally, with semi-skilled operators having access to remote guidance when required.


The hub of this system was already being used internally at Recycling Lives. It was part of a larger shift in the waste and recycling industry to digitise all waste and scrap transactions, to clamp down on things like metal theft.

All transactions were to be recorded without fail and no transaction was ever to be made in cash – it all needed to be documented digitally to be 100% traceable.

While this didn’t directly drive the design of the system many elements were combined to be able to visually scrutinize real-time and post-transaction any scrap processed using the remote weighbridge.

The Requirement

Create an APP based system for tablet mounted on custom-built weighing scales. More specifically provide an interface that would allow semi-skilled users to weigh, assess, value, buy scrap and recycling as long as the remote locations the had internet access.


The commodity chart and daily pricing were already being used by the business on its own industrial weighbridges. My task was to create an interface for use by third-party council waste and recycling workers in remote locations, elements like a visual reference for materials, an interface for two-way correspondence, and a simplified checkout and payment page.

Related work

Organisation diagram

While strictly not part of the design of the interface, I was also tasked with creating a poster that could be used to explain how the business would help out other areas as it had done for the locality and the SOS system was a small part of this, the diagram was used to help visitors grasp the scale and benefits of the project. This design was then printed 6 feet tall on to a wall-mounted acrylic sheet.

visual story-telling

Details like these are helpful in describing something to a third party, trying to explain the system using only words can take considerably longer.

Recycling Lives community integration and SOS diagram

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