Scrap Car Network


Recycling Lives




UX / UI Designer
Web developer
Product owner

My remit

UI Design
Front-end code

One of the services I helped with lauching while at Recycling Lives. The Scrap Car Network Logo mark provided by the in-house graphic designer, from which I expanded the look of the rest of the website design from.

The website

The design of the website was reflected throughout the comms of the service with everything branded up uniformly, so while the style was less than formal – the uniformity of the branding showed it was as professional as any around.

There were also CTA specific landing pages for specific email and social media campaigns. To help send the message that you might be able to benefit from scrapping your vehicle rather than throw money into a hole.


Throughout the project i’d try to make the look and feel of the design quite light hearted. This was carried through to all correspondence to try and make the experience of interacting with the service memorable.

scrap car Network icon for coverage
scrap car network icon for nearest collection partners
scrap car network icon for customer service

Landing page images

Always slightly over-the-top but still relatable accompanying images.

multiple failures
unviable repair bill
accident recovery
Solar featured image cycling jersey mock-up
KOKO Bento logo
Remote metal buying infrastructure diagram snippet
Eat UP logo
Cloud runners logo